Decision Day 2015

Apr 6, 2015

Decision Day is a brand new initiative to Manistee County held on or around May 1st  to support, recognize, and celebrate all area seniors for their post-secondary plans. This year all six area high schools will participate!

Decision day information

Read about College DecisionDay  in the Manistee News Advocate

Quote from Brethren High School:

We are having a blast! A bit chaotic with other things going on here, but the seniors are in such an excited mood! They have gone to talk to our middle school students…purely their idea, and are loving the experience of sharing with the youngers. We head into the gym for our rally at 1:35. Kids are all in their shirts…took lots of pictures!!

Brethren DD 5  Brethren DD 2 Brethren DD 4

Quote from Manistee Catholic Central:

It went really well.  Students grades 6-12 met in Chapel.   Sixth grade presented a card and t-shirt to seniors.  Mrs. Bigalke made a few comments and we said a prayer over the seniors. Had a power point listing school or post-secondary pathway students were pursuing.  They were excited to put on their t-shirts and wear them proudly.  Cake at lunch.  Pictures were taken.  All in all, a wonderful, hopefully new tradition.  Thanks

Quote from CASMAN Academy:

It went very well.  Our students discussed what they are planning to do after high school with other students.  Everyone listened extremely well and it sparked some great discussion regarding futures and planning.