January is Scholarship Month at Launch Manistee

Jan 5, 2018
Launch Manistee, administered through the Manistee County Community Foundation (MCCF), has designated January as “Scholarship Month” in Manistee County. The purpose of Scholarship Month is to assist all Manistee County high school seniors in finding, researching, and applying for scholarships to better prepare them financially for post-secondary education options. Due to the changes in the application time period for the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) – applications may now be completed as early as October 1st – students are beginning to accept and receive financial aid awards much earlier. Students and families need to explore scholarship opportunities earlier in their senior year.


“Options for receiving a degree, certification, or some type of credential have become increasingly more expensive,” said Haley Doyle, AmeriCorps VISTA Member for Launch Manistee. “By creating an awareness of financial assistance opportunities available for post-secondary options, we hope to encourage students to continue their education well beyond high school. We seek to assist in making continuing education accessible, affordable and achievable for Manistee County students and families.”

The search for scholarships is often intimidating and overwhelming. Launch Manistee has developed a “scholarship clearinghouse” located on their website which serves as a resource for students. The goal of the scholarship clearinghouse is to bring some ease to the process by compiling local, state and national scholarships that are worthwhile to explore in one place. The scholarship clearinghouse groups scholarships together and further organizes them based on eligibility and application requirements of the applicant. The clearinghouse can be accessed through the Launch Manistee website at www.launchmanistee.org.


While Scholarship Month places emphasis on a variety of scholarships, including national, state and institution-specific, local scholarships will be at the forefront of this initiative. Providing financial assistance through local scholarships demonstrates the collaboration that exists between local schools and community organizations. Awarding scholarships to local students is a wise investment for this community, in hopes that education attainment rates will continue to rise. Our hope is that by providing scholarship information to graduating residents, a culture of continuing education will persist in Manistee County.


The Manistee County Community Foundation is currently accepting scholarship applications for the 2018/19 academic year. The application deadline is March 1, 2018. Students apply using an electronic Common Scholarship Application form via the Foundation’s website at www.manisteefoundation.org.


During January, Launch Manistee, in collaboration with the six area high schools, will be working with local organizations to update the current local scholarship list and deadlines. During January, schools will also be hosting presentations on scholarships, focusing on scholarship application requirements, working on scholarship essays, and encouraging students to explore available scholarships.


“We are excited to bring attention to scholarship opportunities in Manistee County for our local students, “said Mary Ann Behm, Program Coordinator for Launch Manistee. “ It is great to partner with the area schools and local organizations to ensure that our students are aware of and applying for as many scholarships as they qualify for.”


For further information or to inquire about adding a scholarship to the Launch Manistee Scholarship Clearinghouse, please contact Launch Manistee at 231-723-1486