Launch Manistee Scholarship Clearinghouse

Nov 28, 2018

The quest for scholarships can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. Starting the process can often be the most difficult part. The goal of the Launch Manistee Scholarship clearinghouse is to bring some ease to the process by compiling local scholarships (county, region, and state) in one place as well as other national scholarships that are worthwhile to explore.  We are also providing additional resources through links to scholarship search engines and tips for financial preparation for college.

The list includes tabs which note the type of scholarships.  These tabs include:

  1. Manistee County Community Foundation scholarships
  2. Local scholarship
  3. Resident of Michigan Scholarship Opportunities
  4. National scholarships
  5. Michigan college specific scholarships
  6. Out-of-state college specific scholarships
  7. Current undergraduate scholarships
  8. Maybe you qualify?

 Please click here for the link to the 2018-19 Launch Manistee Scholarship Clearinghouse information.

Please note: The Launch Manistee Scholarship Clearinghouse is updated with current information as we are able. However, please take time to check the links provided for the Scholarships for the most up-to-date details.

Additional Resources Updated with more information – February 2018!

Here are suggestions to get started:

  • Target those scholarships you are interested in and write out a timeline for completing the required actions.
  • Set due dates prior to the actual due dates to make sure that you get everything in.
  • Make sure your submission was received; check the submission guidelines and be persistent, if need be, about receiving a confirmation that they received your application if you submitted via email (it shows you care).
  • Write essays in your “own true voice”. Ask others (teachers, parents) to look the essay over for grammatical errors and flow, but make sure the essay remains “yours”.
  • Some scholarship applications may also request references. In the case that you need references, ask people who have known you for an extended period of time or long enough to have a good feel of your character, work ethic, abilities, etc. and can articulate their thoughts well.
  • Give your references plenty of time, and ask if you can return to them for multiple references so that they keep what they write up for you.
  • When you ask your references if they are willing to be your reference, make sure to gather the following information: their full name, job title, company name, email and contact numbers.
  • Keep your reference information in a log and keep this up to date- you need to remember who recommended you for what.
  • Thank your references and let them know if you received the scholarships.